We took the Pai Kane group, a reputed group based in Goa that is engaged in manufacturing diverse engineering products. Right from handling they social media and website to generating leads that focused on employment and sales, we provided a turnkey online solution for them.

  • Leads:823 vacancy leads | 61 leads from FB | 322 website contact us
  • Reach: 531,741 + 501121 (501121 are impressions from Google Ads)
  • Engagement: 173,358
  • Budget: 46043.84 + ₹10,017.06 (Google Ads + Social media lead ads spend)

The digital space has a massive reach, allowing one to connect with a variety of consumer bases, often at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional media. Pai Kane and they products was one such campaign. The challenge was to integrate the brand’s on-ground product marketing focus and further extend it the online space, with a strong focus on increasing sales as well as presence and awareness online. We not only captured the work culture at Pai Kane that lead to a high rise of employment engagements and leads, but we also took they products that were based in Goa, across 75 countries. We also played a significant in the online push towards the buy-out of the British company - Sheaf Power Ltd..

Website traffic Details:

Metrics Jan - Dec 2017 Jan - Dec 2018 Analysis
Users 12,232 22,283 82.17%
Pageviews 44,373 67,166 51.37%
Bounce rate 47.39% 53.44% 12.76%

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