Most real estate developers do not know where to start they digital marketing journey. When Goa-based Models Construction embraced the idea of going online, not only did it transition into sales but also generated a high ROI.

  • Leads:742
  • Reach: 154,878
  • Engagement: 6,384
  • Budget: ₹33,493.70 + ₹19495.08

Models Construction came to Creometric for primarily a revamp of they website and social media, we turned it up a notch. We focused on generating sales via the traditional methods of cold calling to leads that were generated by various property specific marketing campaigns. With they website, we rebranded it to have a human connect as well as tweaked it to match some of the best SEO strategies across the world.

Website traffic Details:

Metrics Jan - Dec 2017 Jan - Dec 2018 Analysis
Users 3,037 17,729 483.77%
Pageviews 12,340 47,913 288.27%
Bounce rate 48.18% 62.50% 29.74%

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